Wild anthemis season in Ha Giang

Late autumn, when the sun still lingering streaks on all roads, the fields of grain had been harvested, when the first cold winds are coming, when the color of the Tam Giac Mạch not much anymore, then Ha Giang still dreaming of wild anthemis (hoa cuc dai) flowering season.

  hoa cuc dai ha giang 3

 Wild anthemis bloom brightly on every aisle, over rugged rocks, states along the corn chen, stretched welcome sunshine.

 hoa cuc dai ha giang 5

hoa cuc dai ha giang 7

Flowers adorn the cross-mountain road winding through the forest…

hoa cuc dai ha giang

hoa cuc dai ha giang 6

The flower as Hmong girl smiles in a busy working  season day. The Mong boys often picked the beautiful wild flowers  for their lovers.

 hoa cuc dai ha giang 2

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