Thang co – speciality dish of Mong

“Thang co” dish of Mong people is a long history speciality. This special dish is very famous in this region. It’s really a cheap, simple dish, but very special in food culture of local people.

thang co

Its recipe is very simple. Horse or Cow after slaughter, lean muscle and detach parts are for sale, parts of the chopped bones, tendons, fat and debris meat is filtered out along with freezed blood cut into small pieces, plus other organ such as heart, lung, liver, … to make  dishes Thang co.

thang co 1

When there are enough materials,  stir fry all in a wok then pour water into and cook for several hours. The spices for this dish are lemongrass bulbs and other spices available in the garden or forest. When eating, use with chili, pepper and of course with corn liquor.

thang co 2

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