Smoked Buffalo meat

Smoked Buffalo meat is black Thai dish. This smoked meat is usually made from buffalo’s that grazing on the northwest hills. When processing is often selected portions and tasty buffalo meat, cut along the muscle into the long pieces, then smoked with charcoal smoke from the rocks.

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The fresh meat before hanging to be smoked would be add lots of flavors and spices such as salt, ginger, chili, pepper forest. However, the Ha Giang people has a special condiment: Mac Khen – a kind of pepper of forest highland minorities ethnic in the Northwest. They will mix all ingredients and spices that rate to make available the unique products.


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Hanging in the kitchen for smoking for two months, the buffalo meat turns black and dried. On the surface there are still forests pepper, chili pieces, ginger pieces …. Meat remains dry but flavorful, especially the sweetness of the flesh. All delicious buffalo meat will truly bold. When eating, tear along the grain, can be eaten immediately or be regarded as the main dish when drinking corn wine.

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