Shan Tuyet Tea

Ha Giang is one of the provinces that have oldest Shan Tea region in Vietnam. Right from the early 20th century, the French had surveyed Shan tea in Ha Giang and had paid special attention to the ancient highland tea.

It’s kind of big leaves Shan Tea, there are hairs  on the buds and young leaves that are as white as snow. Those Tea is strong growth, moisture resistant, cold resistant, high yield and good quality. So it is also known as Shan Tuyet Tea ( Tuyet means snow)

che san tuyet1

che san tuyet

In the natural forests of Ha Giang, Shan Tuyet Tea trees grows with other forest trees.

che san tuyet3

The reputation of Shan Tuyet tea in Lung Phin, Phin Ho, Cao Bo, God Son areas not only conquered the consumer but also to enjoy tea connoisseurs.

che shan tuyet

che san tuyet

Shan Tuyet Tea is delicious scrumptious. High quality Shan Tuyet Tea  are very precious as anticancer agents, mild detoxification, increased life expectancy and extends youthfulness. Shan Tuyet Tea inHa Giang is clean materials because people there still do not use chemical fertilizers, plant protection products.

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