Meo Vac Sunday fair

Meo Vac Fair in Ha Giang once a week on Sunday. Early in the sunday morning, fellow Hmong, Dao, Giay people … from areas that are tens km far from the district center come to the fair. Meo Vac fair located in a mountain valley, with hundreds of years history, is the convergence of the cultural elite minorities stone plateau in Ha Giang, Meo Vac fair is unique and attracting hundreds of foreign and domestic travelers to visit.

cho phien meo vac

cho phien meo vac 3

The crowed fair with many type of commodity such as bamboo shoot, animal, wine, clothes, fruits…

cho phien meo vac 5

Local handmade clothes with full colors and strange style. Ethnic girls wore their best clothes to join the fair

cho phien meo vac 2

handicraft …

Ông già người Mông này là “nghệ nhân” làm khèn duy nhất ở chợ Mèo Vạc. Khèn ông làm đẹp, thổi lên tiếng vang trầm bổng khắp núi rừng. Phiên chợ nào ông cũng mang đi bốn, năm cái khèn và bán hết veo.

cho phien meo vac 1

choi lon o meo vac

Pigs’s battle in a competion

cho phien meo vac 4

Farm tools

cho phien meo vac 6

By the way, fair is a place where men meet each other to set up a wine party

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