Lam rice of Ha Giang

When traveling to Ha Giang, you will have  opportunity to enjoy a dish that probably afetr enjoying it once you will never forget, it is Lam rice. Lam rice in Bac Me area is becoming a special characteristic of ethnic Tay in Ha Giang.

com lam bac me 2

Lam rice recipe and cooking method is simple. Raw materials are carefully soaked glutinous rice, water for cooking is typically in the groundwater was poured into the bamboo tube and covered in banana leaves. Washed glutinous rice, sprinkle with salt, mix well, put rice into bamboo tube, pour water intrusion approximately above the rice. Tube’s mouth was covered with fresh leaves or dried banana leaves.  The bamboo tube with the rice inside is heated by fire or embers,  As long as an hour later or more (according to rice or dimension of tube), glutinous rice fragrant smell coming out, a sign that the rice is cooked.

com lam

Just before serving, remove the green skin outer of bamboo tube (now burnt black) by a knife, then stripped white spots in the crust. Rice, shaped in the form of special tube, which is surrounded by a thin testa of the intestine ivory bamboo tube

com lam 2

com lam

When enjoying, fragrant smells  of rice, blended with banana leaves and grilled tube. Rice, eating with sesame, grilled streams fish or grilled hill chiken, will become fragrant, more fleshy.

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