Au Tau Porridge

Au Tau tubers – also known as “O Dau” or “Phu Tu”  – usually grows in the high mountains, cold climate. According to Oriental medicine, this kind of tuber is spicy, hot properties, has good curative effect. Mong people uses Au Tau tubers in foot massage to treat pain very effectively.

Porridge of Au Tau tubers initially known as a medicine of ethnic Hmong. Nowaday, the people of Ha Giang add some spices, other additives, and it become a speciality porridge of this region.

chao au tau1

This kind of porridge is dark brown, a little bitterness, a little difficult at the first time of eating, but eating once you will want to eat more.

According to folklore, this porridge is good for people has bone aches after a long journey, better to eat at night.

People say that, not eat Au Tau porridge when coming to Ha Giang is considered have not been to Ha Giang yet.


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