Tam Giac Mach flowers season

Annualy, at the end of Autumn,  slopes and valleys of Ha Giang turn in to a red colour, that’s the color of “Tam Giac Mach flowers (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench). It’s the time that photographers,travelers from everywhere come to this beauty place.

From late September to the late November of the lunar calendar is the blooming season of Tam Giac Mach flowers. At that time, Ha Giang is left untouched as immersed in the brilliant red of the Tam Giac Mach flowers, we can say there has been a natural combination too sweet.

hoa tam giac mach 6

Travelers can admire the white cotton and tiny pink Tam Giac Mach flower,  with three triangular face, keeping you in the middle of a county Tam Giac Mach flowers. However, to be immersed in a sea of ​​flowers and admire the stunning beauty of the Tam Giac Mach flowers, travelers can not ignore the following points: Sung La, Lung Cu, Hoang Su Phi, Pho Bang, Dong Van and especially Phan Theng of Xin Man district.

hoa tam giac mạch 8

hoa tam giac mach 1

tam giach mach 13

If you have been in Ha Giang, once sight Tam Giac Mach flowers, perhaps you can admire one of the most beautiful scenery in the world.


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